mounted winches

Double drum three-point mounting

S 27-DYED / S 80 D / S 66-3 P – Professional winches with low centre of gravity 

With a tractive force up to 2 x 100 kN / 10 t a low centre of gravity is more significant. It is worth highlighting the central position of the PTO drive of these winches. The worm gear provides constant and powerful traction of the winch. S66-3 P without illustration. On request, the double drum winches can be delivered without choker chain holder. The skidding blade then features a nearly flat surface. As with all RITTER winches, the standard head may be used on public roads under certain circumstances. All RITTER S 27 / S 80 winches can be equipped or retrofitted with the combined cable ejector and feed brake.

S 27-DYED / S 80 D / S 66-3 P Technical data

Type S 27-DYED S 80 D S 66-3 P

Including guard screen and trailer coupling

Tractive force (kN/t)

2x 70/7

2x 80/8 2x 100/10

Max. cable capacity (Length/Ø, m/mm)

2x 90/122x

2x 100/132x
2x 90/142x

Weight without cable (kg)

750 825 1.100

For vehicles (kW/HP)

51/70 – 74/100 51/70 – 88/120 74/100 – 118/160

Skidding blade

1,8 m 1,8 m 2,0 m

Safety equipment activation




Item no.

(27-01-00-11) (29-02-00-13) (77-01-03-133)

· Own electrohydraulic power supply including manual control box and 5 m cable

· Including Tool box with cover

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