Mounted Winches

Single Drum three-Point Mounting

S 50-EK / S 60-EK / S 70-EK – Optimum traction in every position
Regardless of the cable position - with S 50 / S 60 / S 70 winches the optimum pulling power is guaranteed. By continuously checking the actual cable position, the winch adjusts automatically to provide maximum traction at any level.

S 50-EK / S 60-EK / S70-EK Technical Data

Type S50-EK S60-EK S70-EK
Including guard screen and trailer coupling
Constant tractive force (kN/~t)


60/6 70/7

Recommended cable capacity (Length/Ø, m/mm)


120/11 100/12
For vehicles (kW/HP) 145/10 120/11 100/12
Skidding blade width - standard 1,6 m 1,8 m 2,0 m
Weight (kg) ca. 670 ca. 670 ca. 690
Item No. (S50-01-00-001) (S60-01-00-001) (S70-01-00-001)

· Own electrohydraulic power supply including manual control box and 5 m cable
· Including Tool box with cover

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