Logging cranes with Three-Point Mounting


For Professional Application

The crane employs modular construction techniques and is available in lengths of 1.9 m and 4.5 m. In addition, the crane can be combined with a variety of mounted equipment (scoop, drill, etc.). The cranes are available either with three-point or with quick-change mounting. All three-point mounting cranes can be combined with a RITTER mounted winch. The systems are controlled by the tractor’s existing control unit or by a separate control unit with joystick.

Logging Crane with Three-Point Mounting  DK 1.9 / DK 4.5 Technical Data

Type DK1.9 DK4.5
Working radius (m) 1,9 4,9

Own weight (kg)

390 650
Weight grapple and rotator (kg) 120 to 160 120 to 160
For vehicles from...to... (kW/HP) 29/40 – 74/100 48/65 – 88/120
Telescope Single Single
Stump guard Standard
Directional valves (electric switching) 3 4

· All logging cranes with three-point mounting with cylinder swivelling mechanism
· Three-Point Mounting: Category II/III. Oil supply: Tractor’s hydraulics
· Control units required on vehicle: 2

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