cable cranes

MSK-2 Medium-distance cable crane

Innovative Concept for maximum power 

The MSK-2 medium-distance cable crane allows skidding sections up to 400 meters. The modular system can be used either as a direct-mounted winch with a large winding capacity or in combination as a medium distance cable crane. A forced spooling built in on both sides provides perfect cable winding quality of the entire winch. The hydraulic driven winch provides the maximum tractive power over the whole cable length thanks to the innovative RITTER constant traction principle.


Type MSK-2
Line length/ Skidding line length approx. 400m/15mm
Traction cable approx. 500m/ 8mm
Towable mass approx. 1.000kg
Hauling cable approx. 800m/ 6mm
Tower height incl. telescope max.                     10.800mm
Transport height 3.800mm
Weight without cable 4.500kg
Required tractor power 120HS
Number of  tension winches 3
Control 2xHBC radio
Number of operators 2
Travelling crab optional
Cable velocity / 1000rpm *0-3,5m/s
Semi-automatic cable opening standard
Type of mounting on the tractor pulled


*continuously adjustable cable velocity standard