Skidder R 185

An absolute professional

The R 185 (articulated) has been engineered specially for professional use and designed for performance and ruggedness. The comfortable cabin is fitted with rubber dampers that reduce noise and vibrations and thus relieve the driver. The endlessly swivelling driver‘s sea allows permanently optimum and ergonomic working. Powerful skidding cranes in combination with three different cable velocities of the RITTER S 66-DS winches make the entire unit to an economical efficient machine for forestry work. Thanks to additional built-on devices such as the clamping bench (foldable), the performance increases once again. The vehicle is filled with biodegradable oil as standard.

Technical data and information


TYP Skidder R 185
Engine 6-cylinder Iveco Common Rail Turbo diesel, TIER III direct injection, engine power 134 kW (182 HP), cubic capacity 6700 ccm, maximum torque 800 Nm at 1400 rpm
Power transmission Hydrostatic transmission, 1st gear 0-10 km/h, 2nd gear 0-38 km/h
Axles NAF planetary rigid axles, differential lock 100 % selectable by electrohydraulic device
Brakes Two-circuit braking system, multiple-disc brake in oil bath, parking brake as spring-loaded brake
Tyres Front tyres 23.1–26 narrow (2.55 m vehicle width) Alternative:Front tyres 28L–26 (2.74 m vehicle width)
Frame RFrame construction with central articulation, locking of twist through hydraulic cylinders, articulated frame steering, ground clearance approx. 600 mm
Diesel tank Capacity approx. 180 l, lockable
Electric system 90 A generator, 24 V system voltage, lighting in conformity with StVZO, working lighting 8x TWIN power (on top of the cabin)
Hydraulic system Load sensing hydraulic pump with 218 l/min and up to 350 bar maximum, filling with biodegradable PANOLIN HLP Synth 46 oil with partial flow filter
Cabin Spacious soundproof driver‘s cabin, ROPS/FOPS tested safety cabin with all-round glazing, cabin tilting to both sides, special rubber vibration absorbers, silenced, Lexan rear window, air conditioning, fire-extinguisher, audio system, windscreen wiper and washer, magnetic warning beacon
Driver‘s seat Comfortable swivel seat with pneumatic cushioning, electric endless rotation, adjustable speed and torque, pedal platform for inch and gas pedal, alternatively brake and gas pedal, foldable, Reverse drive functions: forward and backward motion in the rear, electric driving functions in the armrest
Colour Engine bonnet, cabin and crane in RAL3002, crimson, Chassis and shell in RAL9011, graphite black, Rims in RAL9006, white aluminium
Winch RITTER double drum winch S 66-D, maximum traction capacity 2 x 80 kN, simultaneously, cable capacity 110 m of 13 mm steel cable, alternatively 2 x 100 kN, simultaneously, cable capacity 100 m of 14 mm steel cable, spur gear system for optimized efficiency 3-stage hydraulic drive:
1. St. F = 2 x 100 kN, v = 0,34 m/s = rear built-in with 540 1/min PTO shaft
2. St. F = 2 x 75 kN, v = 0,45 m/s, velocity per lowest cable position
3. St. F = 1 x 100 kN, v = 0,68 m/s = rear built-in with 1000 1/min PTO shaft
Manual control panel with five wires, 5 m of cable, optional proportional load lowering brake, optional tractive force adjustment, separate cable drums
Steel cable 2 x 110 m of steel cable Ø 13 mm, PYTHON, compacted, calculated breaking load > = 160 kN Alternatively (required in the BG-regulations for 100 kN): 2 x 100 m of steel cable Ø 14 mm, PYTHON, compacted, calculated breaking load > = 200 kN
Radio control HBC radio control equipment, complete for double drum winch, receiver, transmitter on the belt, two rechargeable batteries, battery charger 10-30 V or 230 V, continuous motor speed regulation, Start / Stop, cable speed adjustment, optionally with driving functions
Skidding blade with hydraulic lifting and pressure cylinder, incl. pulley rocker, (height-adjustable upon request), more versions according to customers needs feasible
Front rumbling blade with hydraulic lifting and pressure cylinder, integrated welded trailer coupling trough, integrated tool boxes on both sides
Crane Epsilon M 90 R 68 Lifting torque: gross 104 kNm, net 82 kNm, Swivelling torque net 29 kNm, Working radius 6.8 m, including full control system via CAN bus
Crane Epsilon M 90 R 72 Lifting torque: gross 104 kNm, net 82 kNm, Swivelling torque net 29 kNm, Working radius 7.2 m, including full control system via CAN bus
Crane Epsilon S 110 R 72 Lifting torque: gross 126 kNm, net 102 kNm, Swivelling torque net 33 kNm, Working radius 7.2 m, including full control system via CAN bus
Grapple FG 43S logging grapple, 1880 mm gripping width